“The greatest oak tree was once a nut that stood its ground.”


Somatic Counselling

Because trauma is experienced, held and felt in the body, healing requires that we incorporate the body as well as the mind, spirit, and emotions. Emotions and experiences can become “trapped” in the body resulting in fragmentation and dysregulation of our nervous system.
The good news is that the body is a source of deep wisdom and emotional strength. Somatic counselling pays attention to emotions, sensations, spontaneous gestures and images to increase self-knowing and gently release traumatic responses.

If you have experienced trauma, the idea of connecting with your body may bring up a lot of difficult emotions, thoughts or sensations. Your sense of self-knowing may feel far away or not even present at all. You may have experienced things that have felt beyond your capacity to navigate.

We will begin by creating the support, resources and emotional safety that forms the foundation of the healing path. We set a pace that feels right for you. As we work together, the brain learns new pathways to change and heal from effects of trauma. This restores healthy emotional self-regulation, resilience, and the capacity to be present in the moment and in our lives.