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Sexualized Violence

Sexualized violence is an umbrella term that includes any form of physical and psychological abuse that is carried out through sexual means or by targeting sexuality. It can include the sexual abuse of children and the sexual assault of teens and adults. It also encompasses social norms of gender roles and expectations. Sexualized violence is not about sex. It is an act of power and control. Sexualized violence can happen to and by anyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, cultural background, physical or mental abilities or appearance.

If you are seeking support because you or someone you care about has been impacted by sexualized violence recently or in the past, you may be experiencing any number of concerns, emotions or thoughts. Working together, we can deal with and heal from the effects of sexualized violence. For more information about how I work with sexualized violence please see my sections on Healing Trauma, Somatic Counselling and EMDR.