“It’s not the love that dies, but the understanding ways.”


Relationship Counselling

Relationships provide us with many things that nurture and enrich our lives including connection, support, and laughter. Relationships can offer a way for us to be seen and heard for who we are, and can be a place for intimacy, play, and growth. Relationships can also be a source of frustration, challenge, and even pain.

It may be that there have been changes to your relationship. These changes may have been sudden, surprising and circumstantial – such as pregnancy, job change or loss, infidelity, or illness. Or the changes may have been slow and building over time – including loss of sexual intimacy, increasingly different values or life goals, or erosion of trust. Perhaps it feels difficult to express your desires, or it seems like your partner doesn’t understand how to meet your needs. Hurts from your childhood or previous relationships may be affecting your current relationship. You both may have shut down because of misunderstandings or conflict. These are just some of the many reasons why people seek relationship counselling.

Relationship Counselling can help:
• reduce conflict by understanding its source
• improve communication skills
• increase or rebuild emotional connection
• re-create or discover sexual intimacy
• express needs and wants
• repair painful experiences
• create a safe and trusting relationship

If your relationship has already ended and you’d like support to move forward, I can support you to heal from the painful feelings of loss, grief, anger, betrayal, and hopelessness. Together, we can replace painful feelings with hopefulness, joy, healing, resourcefulness, and optimism.