How Counselling Can Help

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”
- Thich Nhat Hanh

Many people wonder about the value of counselling and how exactly counselling can help. Meeting with an experienced and supportive Counsellor provides an opportunity to talk in confidence about your thoughts and your feelings.

Working together, we will gently bring healing to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit and work towards wholeness and reconnection with yourself and your life.

Professional Counselling can help you:

• feel less alone
• create a safe place for you to feel understood and cared about
• deepen your personal awareness
• heal past emotional wounds
• reduce confusion and broaden your self-awareness
• build your self-esteem and assertiveness
• feel more emotionally regulated and grounded
• improve your coping skills
• experience less anxiety
• connect with your body and its wisdom and power
• establish boundaries with yourself and with others
• improve your interpersonal relationships
• overcome feelings of helplessness
• explore patterns in your life
• make life transitions and go forth with new ideas
• discover and create the life you want to live