"Something will grow from all you are going through and it will be you."

- TobyMac - Speak life

Healing Trauma

The impact of trauma can be far-reaching, even if the event is not understood as a traumatic one until years later. At the time of a traumatic event, your brain and nervous system become overloaded. There is an actual or perceived threat of injury or death. This can trigger feelings of helplessness and fear. The resonance or echo of feeling overwhelmed can result in your brain and body having difficulty regulating itself in its natural state.

Trauma can feel isolating and suffocating. If you have experienced trauma, you may be feeling disengaged or numbed out. You might be having nightmares or reliving the event even when you are awake. Perhaps you are having difficulty concentrating, making decisions or sleeping.

How Trauma Occurs

The emotional and physical effects of trauma can result from experiences such as car accidents, natural disasters, crimes, surgeries, relational violence and abuse, child abuse, or sexualized violence. The event may have been recent, or could have happened a long time ago. Regardless of what the experience was, or when it happened, you have managed things the best you could with the capacity that was available to you at the time.

Healing the Effects of Trauma

Counselling can shift the residue of trauma and restore a sense of hope. Healing from the wounds of trauma will re-establish your sense of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental safety. Together we start by accessing and elevating the qualities that you already have and build upon and finesse these skills and resources to help instill a sense of control over your life.